Below you will find information on the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the St. Vrain High School Mountain Bike Team.

Team Questions
Practice and Schedule Questions
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Team Questions

Who Can Be On the Team?

Any High School student from one of our member schools (See Member Schools), age 13-19 (on January 1 of the school year).

How Do I Join the Team?

Sign-ups happen in May through August each year. When sign-ups are open a link will be available on our Join the Team Page. Or you can submit interest here.

Practice and Schedule Questions

When are Practices Held?

Practices are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 4:30PM – 8:00PM for approximately 2 hours (Practices start at 6:00 PM early in the year and progressively get early due to the time change and darkness). We also have an optional practice on Wednesday starting from Silver Creek that follows the same start times as the rest of the practices.

Where Does the Team Practice?

Most of our practice rides are near to the Longmont area and include Boulder City and County Open Space trails, Longmont trails, Erie trails, and even some trails towards Estes.

How do I know where and when practices will be held?

Once you have registered for the team, you will want to download the TeamSnap app (ask your coach for the login details once you have downloaded it). All team communication and practices will be available via the app.

Can parents ride with the team?

YES! Ride leaders for Tuesday and Thursday afternoon practices are especially needed. Please see volunteering for coaching for additional details.


Where and When Are the Races?

Race information can be found by visiting the Colorado High School Cycling League website.

How Do Races Work?

See the Colorado High School League ‘What to Expect on Race Day’ or the legacy NICA ‘Quick Start Guide

Are there rules?

Yes. Colorado High School League Rules & Guidelines

Is emergency medical support available at races?

Yes. The League provides emergency medical teams, which include EMTs and paramedics. The teams are at the race site on race day, as well as the day before for pre-rides. During the race, ten to fifteen stationary and roving course marshals are in immediate radio contact with the medical team, as needed.

How can I help out?

The team can always use good volunteers. See our volunteering page for more information. You can also be a course marshall or fill another volunteer position through the Colorado High School Cycling League.

We also are always looking for companies and individuals who might be looking to sponsor our team.

High School Mountain Bike Team Organizations:

National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)
NICA is the national governing body for grades 9-12 inter-scholastic cross-country mountain biking.

Founded in 2009, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) develops high school mountain biking programs for student-athletes across the United States. NICA provides leadership, services and governance for local leagues to produce quality mountain bike events, and supports every student-athlete in the development of strong body, strong mind and strong character through their efforts on the bike.

Colorado High School Cycling League

The Colorado High School Cycling was established in 2009 and is an associate of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA).
The League provides a well-defined race season that promotes the formation of teams at public and private high schools. With the cooperation of local race promoters and our sponsors, we put together a first-class series of races designed for high school-aged riders. A primary focus is to develop strong minds, bodies, and characters by engaging juniors in the challenging and exciting world of competitive cycling.

A fully coached experience

From first-time rider to expert racer, we offer a coached, mentored and friendly environment to get you riding and enjoying the camaraderie of mountain biking!

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