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How to register for the team in 2023

Step 1: Register for the Colorado League

ENTER Silver_Creek as the Pass Code when registering if you are new.

  • See the Rider Registration Instructions for additional details
  • Team dues and fees will be part of your registration process

Step 2: Register for Races (optional) – Start here to register for races

  • If you are planning on racing, the League now offers a “Series Pass” for the entire regular season. This new option allows families to register once for the regular series. No need to think about registration deadlines and receive a $10 discount per race. It is highly recommended to reduce stress on parents, coaches and students to register for the season pass if you are planning on racing the season.
    • Register for all 4 races of the regular series for $260. The single-race entry fee is $75.
    • Riders save $10 per race if they register for all races at one time. The discount will be applied upon checkout.
    • The Series Pass option is available until the registration deadline for Race #1: August 21st at Noon.
    • The Series Pass does not include the State Championship race. Qualified riders will need to register for that race separately.

Step 3: Download Team Snap for your phone (ensure at least one parent has it downloaded as well)

Team and League Fees

Team Fees

Team fees for the St. Vrain Mtb team are $150 AND include a jersey.

Team fees help us to:

  • License and maintain our experienced coaching staff
  • Purchase and maintain team equipment (first aid kits, radios, team trailer, race equipment, etc.)
  • Shop for and provide team nutrition for races
  • Buy your jersey

League Fees

League fees are $160 for the season for high school riders and $80 for middle school riders. All riders (whether racing or not) will need to join the league.

Race Fees

Race fees allow you to register and participate and be scored/ranked for races within the season. Each race finish for a rider will be scored. If your points are high enough after the initial four qualifying events, you will be allowed to register and participate in the league championship race at the end of the season.

Races are either priced either as a “Series Pass” (new for this season) for the four qualifying races at $260 or individually ($75 per race). WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND REGISTERING FOR THE SERIES PASS IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON RACING! The season final is only available to be purchased individually for qualified riders. ($75 entry).

ITEMSeries Pass ($240 for 4)Individual Races ($75 x 4)No Races
Team Fees$150$150$150
League Fees$160$160$160
Race Fees$260$300N/A
Championship Race$75$75N/A
MAX SEASON COSTS$645$685$310

We believe in providing a fully inclusive experience for riders of all incomes and abilities. If you have a hardship or issue with paying the fees above for the season, please CONTACT US as we have LIMITED SCHOLARSHIPS available for the team.

Lyons female athlete descends off a bridge at Granby Ranch

A fully coached experience

From first-time rider to expert racer, we offer a coached, mentored and friendly environment to get you riding and enjoying the camaraderie of mountain biking!

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