Lyons High School Mountain Bike Team

The Lyons High School Mountain Bike Team is part of the St. Vrain composite team.

The Lyons team was the original contingent of riders that started our high school mountain bike team and the first to join the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League. Lyons continues to be a strong factor and force within the team with many riders joining us from Lyons High School each year.

Lyons also serves as one of the ‘home’ bases for the team and we regularly meet at the high school to take advantage of the many trails that are literally in the back yards for these riders. A few of the great trails that are available include the Picture Rock trail (which literally starts right behind the high school), Antelope, the Heil Valley Ranch System, and the Hall Ranch Trail System.

We offer a fully coached and inclusive experience for middle school and high school-aged athletes. Whether you are just learning to ride, or an experienced racer, we have options for you to explore mountain biking in the fabulous Colorado outdoors with us.


To inspire a life-long passion for sport and transform student-athletes minds, bodies, and character through shared mountain biking experiences.


The St. Vrain High School mountain bike team focuses on individual growth, teamwork, hard work, and FUN! We provide students with the skills to achieve both competitive and non-competitive cross-country mountain biking goals in a safe and fun environment. Training with our team provides life lessons in fitness, nutrition, self-discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

If you are a potential new member and are thinking of joining the team, we highly recommend you check out welcome new riders for helpful information and details about the team that are specifically designed for new riders and their parents.

Lyons high school mountain bike rider descending by fall colors at Granby Ranch

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Lyons high school mountain bike rider at Eagle
Lyons rider descending the bridges at Granby Ranch

A fully coached experience

From first time rider to expert racer, we offer a coached, mentored and friendly environment to get you riding and enjoying the camaraderie of mountain biking! Our Coaches

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