St. Vrain High School MTB Team Practice Guidelines

Student Athlete Practice Requirements

Student-athletes are expected to be on time for team practices at the correct location for their ride group. Showing up late will not be permitted and will mean you will either be chasing the group or headed home as coaches will leave at the appropriate time for the ride.

In addition, student-athletes will be required to follow adhere to the guidelines, equipment requirements, and clothing/nutrition requirements for EVERY practice. Student-athletes showing up without proper preparation or equipment will be sent home as this creates an unsafe riding environment for the entire group.

What to bring/expect

Rides will generally last between 2 and 2 1/2 hours. Practices will start earlier (up to 4:30 pm) as the light begins to shorten during the season.

Riders are expected to have a WORKING mountain bike with the following for it:

  • Spare Tube (correct for the tire size)
  • Tools (multi-tool (preferably with a chain tool), tire levers, patches)
  • Some sort of bag to carry this ( a seat bag, frame bag or a camelback)
  • Headlight or headlamp & tail light (in case we happen to have an incident that keeps out later than expected)

    Please ensure that any equipment issues that may have been discovered with your bicycle or that were pointed out by coaches are resolved (either by a reputable home mechanic or preferably a bike shop) BEFORE returning to practice.

Student-Athlete Expected Equipment & Supplies

  • Appropriate riding attire and footwear (NO SANDALS will be allowed)
  • Helmet (in good condition)
  • Warm clothes as needed (Colorado weather changes quickly and is unpredictable – always expect the unexpected here – it can be 90 degrees and sunny when we start out and hailing 50 minutes later)
    • A minimum of a rain jacket is required on every ride
    • Additional gloves, hats, arm, leg warmers may be required as the season progresses
  • Nutrition – we’re riding for two to three hours
    • At a minimum, each rider should have a gel, energy bar, or equivalent for each hour of expected ride time
  • Water – at least two full water bottles or a full camelback

    NOTE: Coaches will carry some extra nutrition and water, but not enough to supply the entire group

A fully coached experience

From first-time rider to expert racer, we offer a coached, mentored and friendly environment to get you riding and enjoying the camaraderie of mountain biking!

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