Volunteer Opportunity – Nutrition/Food Shopping

Nutrition and food shopping is a crucial portion of preparing the team for a race. The team and their families often rely on this as their sole source of food for the majority of the day.

Coordinate with the team liaison on the week of the race. They will provide you with a shopping list on or after the Tuesday of the race week (after the total number of racers is known). Follow the list to shop for food and essentials needed for the next race. You will also receive instructions on where to take the food to the designated coach or to the trailer. It is helpful to have a large freezer to ensure that food stays cold for the race, but shopping can be done closer to the race departure as well and coordinated with the person hauling the trailer for ice chest usage/drop off. You can also coordinate a pickup of the ice chest and take that to the venue (as long as it arrives by 7 AM the day of the race).